Responsibility Quiz

They are many responsible people are you one of them????What does it mean to be responsible well it is to be able to take charge and to be mature.and how successful you will be.

sooooo..... how responsible are you????? this quiz can tell ya!!!!!! so go on and take this quiz!!! good luck!!! have a good day! quizes are nice to do

Created by: Sophie
  1. When do you study for a test
  2. Can you babysit by yourself or have you babysat by yourself?
  3. Is it good to hand-in school work early
  4. Is it ok to copy on an exam or test
  5. Do you eat healthy
  6. Do you do a sport
  7. Are your things organized
  8. when you are supposed to be studying what are you doing
  9. Is your your room clean
  10. Can you cook your own food
  11. When you make a study guide does it have alot of information
  12. do you do drugs
  13. do you drink alcohal
  14. do you sell drugs
  15. are you nice to everybody at school

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