Responsibility Grade 8

Being responsible is very important, it helps alot when you are in school. Being responsible would be like handing in assignments on time, or being perepared.

Are you responsible? How responsible are you? Can you be responsible? Do you know how to be responsible? Well take this quiz and you might find out!!!!

Created by: Pareesa Asghari

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  1. When going to class what materials should I bring?
  2. When Should you study for a test?
  3. What time should you be going to sleep on a school night, if you have to wake up at 6:30 ?
  4. Should you take notes during class?
  5. where should your phone be during class?
  6. When should you hand in on your assignments?
  7. Is going out and eating at CB's everyday a healthy diet?
  8. Is your locker organized?
  9. How many pens/pencils should you bring to class?
  10. Is planning ahead important?
  11. On a cold day (-20) what should you be wearing?
  12. Do you have a water bottle, that you bring to class?
  13. Do you review your notes?

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