Remember when I asked if I should make a story quiz?

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Remember when I asked if I should start making my verry own quiz series? ...Didn't think so, cause nobody took it! Well then I made the spice quiz and guess what?

Not very many people took that one either, and so I felt a little sympathetic because my level up progress just started crying, and crying and heart just went out for the little guy. So please help me make him feel better.

Created by: Weaux

  1. Wanna know why I put that picture in the description?
  2. I put it there cause that poor asian girl is riping her hair out do to frustration (or mayde she's just yawning idk), and I kinda feel similar to her...
  3. because I'm a little frustrated.
  4. I'm fursitaded cause none o' yuns took Red Hands y'all.
  5. I asked if I should make a story quiz, and I got loads of positive feed back. Even MissPrissyCat told me it would be a good idea!
  6. and she didn't take it either! Now my level up progress is kaput!
  7. I'm not gonna make part 2...
  8. Maybe it was for the better. I'm not the best writer any way right? :c
  9. Well I guess I'll give it one more chance... If you give me a good reason, I'll make part 2... okay?
  10. So if you think I should make part 2, leave a comment. but you should probably take part 1 first.
  11. bye.

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