Stop. ((Part 1))

This is just a story. No result. Remember I made this up! It never happened to me, and hopefully not you! Please enjoy my story! It didn't take much thought to make this.

You may like this, you make think its creepy. Either way, its fake! I might have made mistakes, but we learn from them, right? Sometimes...joking! :))

Created by: SunnyDay

  1. I saw a person, standing there. Alone. It was raining, 39 degrees. I felt bad. That poor person. What should I do?
  2. I helped them into the car. Then, out of nowhere, a body fell onto the hood. I hit the break, looked over, and I noticed the person, sitting quietly, studying the body. Should I say something?
  3. The person started glowing. They floated out the window, and went into the body. The body climbed into the car. Umm...
  4. Well, I got creeped out and spoke up. "W...w..what just happened? Who are you?"
  5. The answer shocked me. "I am Savanna LeRoy. AKA "Stop."
  6. "Savanna? The one who dies in the car accident? I saw you on the news...not your picture. They call you Stop because you always stooped in the middle of nowhere when you drove, right? That's how you died." "Yes, yes. I'm sorry if this disturbed you." What should I say?
  7. "It's okay." She looked into my eyes, whispered something, then got a hold of my neck. "What did you say?! LET GO!" What should I do?
  8. She let go. "What did you say? Wy did you choke me?!" She started crying. "I...I on...only need a...a friend!" What should I say?
  9. "I'm here for you. And hey, what did you say?" Should I have asked that?
  10. She stopped crying, looked up and said..."Your coming with me!" What?

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