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This test is mostly meant to level me up. I apologize if you don't like that, but I probably won't have meant it. Either way, here is is. Take it.

So stop looking here, because I'm not going to say anything interesting. Shoo now. Go on. Leave. Go away. Seriously. Stop reading this part. Don't you have a life?

Created by: Broken

  1. My name is Broken. I have multiple personalities. The point of this is for you to guess each personality by their name. Easy enough?
  2. Ready?
  3. Broken.
  4. Fallen.
  5. Chain.
  6. Darius.
  7. Dusk.
  8. Scorch.
  9. Hymn.
  10. Malice.
  11. Stray.
  12. Mikoto.
  13. Cure.
  14. Ryuu.

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