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  • Luckily I'm not studying Latin. I know a little French (and I sometimes randomly add a little french to my conversations and then people are like "say what?" it's hilarious) No I'm not dead, hopefully I'll stay that way for longer period of time. I missed your comments, they always make me do a double take (this time the 'dead' part) by the way today was depressing because my school had to watch this drunk driving video and it was really sad. I didn't cry, but I felt so... hollow. People dying over things completely avoidable, kids losing parents, parents losing kids, it's so painful to watch. Yeah... very sad. Which is why I decided to go on GTQ and I'm going to post the next part because it's done and it's Friday.

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • So you WEREN'T dead.
    Had me going for a second there.

    By the way, I feel like a stalker; whenever I randomly check your profile, a quiz has magically appeared.

    Perhaps I am psychic.
    Aaaannywa ay, glad you're back!
    And I understand about the writing thing.
    And the play thing.
    And the school thing.

    Are you taking Latin? If not, be happy. It is fun but hard and if you don't study every five minutes you are dead.

    .... I need to stop rambling.

    The Popolisk
  • OhmahGoodness.
    Fre nch...
    Never could I speak French. It's just.. so...
    Ofco urseLatinistoobutme h.

    Oh rly? Cooooool. I can still make people do double-takes. Yesh. :D

    I hope you stay alive for a long time too; death is sad and then I would have no one to be stupid to.

    Drunk driving is horrible. Never had to watch a video on it, but there are tons of crosses on the sides of all the roads around here; it's AWFUL.

    I am happy about the quiz though.

    Also, I had someone offer to publish one of my poems! I'm not going to accept (piggy-backing isn't how I first want to get in print), but it made me happy to know that I do not suck.


    The Popolisk
  • You are the best writer nso far!! Keep writing!!!!!! Part 16 MUST get out :P. If you need help when to put songs on what parts, Trust me, me and my pal Pandora will helpz u out good luck

  • Okay I finished it XD go check out part 15!!

    Missy Prissy Cat

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