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RedditGifts was started for Christmas 2009 to be an online secret santa for the reddit community. RedditGifts has since become a way for the reddit community to hold exchanges like secret santa at any point in the year. It's pretty simple really, here's how it works: 1. You sign up for RedditGifts (you need to have a reddit account). 2. You sign up for an exchange, if there's one accepting sign ups. 3. You wait for your exchange to do matching.

Before you sign up for this super awesome online gift exchange, we want to know if you've done your reading. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of how this secret Santa exchange works.

Created by: redditbeeyatch90210
  1. What does your "giftee" do?
  2. When will you first be able to get the name of your giftee?
  3. If you don't like your giftee's comments, and don't want to send them a gift, you should:
  4. What is your "Santa" supposed to do?
  5. Is your Santa also your giftee?
  6. Is it okay to spend more than $15 on the gift?
  7. How does a Santa know what to get for their giftee?
  8. Should Santas reveal themselves to their giftees?
  9. When should we open the presents we receive?
  10. I shouldn't have signed up. Can I get out of this?

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