Red Hands ...(part 6)

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THIS CHAPTER IS MUY DRAMATICO. It reminds me a little of a cheezy soap opera, but whatever. I did what I had to, and it came out as planed, so I can't complain.

I'm kinda sad though because all the people who used to take my quizes forgot all about me because I take atleast FOREVER AND EVER to put parts up because I'm lazy and bussy at the same time. Sorry...

Created by: Weaux

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  1. "Give me that!" Upton snatched the knife from him. Beverley went pale. "I-Is it really yours?" he asked terrified. "Ugh, It's complicated." Upton sighed. "I just need this now, you'll understand later." Beverley was very confused, a feeling he's gotten both tired of, and used to.
  2. "What do you mean?" he asked desperately. "Just trust me, don't believe anything you see or hear till you leave this place." he replied shakily. "Wh-What? What's going on?" Beverley's eyes widened. "Stay here, I have to go, sorry." he apologized for abandoning his injured friend. "You're leaving me here?!" Upton only left hurriedly, leaving him helpless in the dark. The stress and frustration threatened to push tears from his tired eyes. He blinked them away and put on a strong expression as he put his shoe back on and limped back to the only place he could go. Leaving the lake house just wasn't an option yet.
  3. ~ Upton was In the hallway, lurking mysteriously in the shadows with his newly required weapon in tow. He knew she'd be here, it's been too long since she hasn't been near by. He could make out a door ahead. A narrow closed door that looked like it was only to be used on rare occasion. He could see an impossibly dim light escaping from the edges as he approached it slowly. Just by the sound of her breath, he knew it was her. He took a loose grip on the knob and pushed, and she looked only slightly ammused by his pressence. "Nice to see you Upton. How's that assignment I gave you coming along?" she asked cunningly through her black hood. "It's not coming along at all. It never will." he aswered defiantly. "Oh won't it!?" her shrill voice burst out into a belted shriek. He only pulled out the knife in response. The look on her face told him he wasn't supposed to find that, though he knew she'd never admit it. "Don't look upset. Things don't always go as planed." he smirked.
  4. ~ Beverley heard a scream followed by silence as he walked through the door. He paused, eyes wide, breath held in. 'What happened?' he thought nervously. Soon, party goers where murmuring in fear and panick. "Upton... Oh goodness, what did he do? Please, NO!" he mumbled breathlessly as clues started puzzling themselves together, in perfect, terrifying reality.
  5. She was lying on the floor clutching her waist. Shocked, scared, people circled around her. "Call the police!" someone yelled. No. Upton can't go to jail, he can't. Maybe this isn't what it looks like. "No one is calling the police!" a farmiliar dark timbre bounded through the acoustics of the cavernous room everyone was gathered in. All eyes where on her as she continued: "And no one is leaving this house." she reached out effortlessly accessing the security sistem, locking everyone inside the building... with a violent murderer.
  6. Beverley ran up to her. "Bronwen! What are you doing?" He asked in horror. "I told you I had a plan. You're just going to have to trust me." She said cooly. "How could you have seen any of this coming?!" he blurted out. "Stop asking so many questions...God." She rolled her eyes, and scoffed childishly. leaving Beverley with a furrowed brow. "Some one help her, she can't die yet." she ordered sternly. They watched as concerned volunteers lifted up the wounded girl, and Beverley finally recognized her as Genvieve.
  7. Upton was looking very guilty. Everyone knew how he felt about Genevieve. And now he was there, with a knife in his hand, and ofcourse it was covered in blood. No one really knew for sure whos blood it was, but who would gulable enough to believe him when he said it wasn't hers? His chances where slim. If he didn't want to end up a criminal he'd have to leave this place ASAP. But how? He was trapped.
  8. He snuck away carefully, down the same hall he'd been in before. He knew every door was locked, but he had to atleast try to find another way out. Suddenly a light flicked on a poured out of an open door. In the room was a sliding glass door. The key bad light up, and the door unlocked itself. Some one wanted him to leave. He knew who it was, and nothing good ever came from doing what she wanted him to do in the passed. If he left, he was sure to walk right into her trap, but he was in a different trap at the moment. He was cornered, and forced to pick the lesser of two evils.
  9. He made a hasted decision, and walked out the door. He ran to Genevieve's car, thankfully he had the keys. The car turned on and he drove off in to the night. The bad feeling in the pit of his stomach was growing like kudzu, spreading out and coiling around his other senses till they where completely swallowed up and buried. He knew he was going to get caught somehow, it was only a matter of time till her evil plan all worked out. As if on cue, a red and blue light was flashing in his mirrors.
  10. Upton rolls down his window. "...Yes officer?" he asks. "Are you aware that this is a stolen vehicle?"
  11. *brittney spears voice* Oops, I did it again. V.v ...I said I was going to post more often, but hardley anybody took part five so I wasn't feeling very motivated. So here's what I'm going to do: If enough people take this quiz, and comment saying they still want more parts, I'll keep writing. If not, I'll cut the series short, and finish it in one or two more parts, and Red Hands will be done with. Here's your chance. DO YOU WANT MORE PARTS?! ...Speak now or forever hold you're peace. :T

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