Red Hands ...(part 3)

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*PLEASE READ THIS IT'S LIKE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU WILL EVER NEED TO KNOW!* There are character descriptions in the results so just choose who's description you want to see in the last question.

Yeah, I may have exagerated a teeny bit up there, but you still needed to know any way :p... Does anybody really read these? There kind of a big waste of time...Big waste of time...Big.

Created by: Weaux

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  1. He heard the phone ringing back to him through the phone before someone picked up on the other line. "Howdy?" Upton recognized Genevieve's voice immediately, not to mention she's probably the only person he knew who would ever answer a phone by saying howdy. "Hey, It's Upton." he informed her. "Oh, hi. Whats up?" she asked cheerfully. "I was just looking for some details about the party tonight?" he responded trying to avoid small talk. "Oh, right!" Genevieve sounded like she'd forgotten already. "It's supposed to start at 7:00, but you know nobody's gonna be there by then." she continued. "It's at my roomates lake house, and it's like totally amazing, im so exited!"
  2. "Sounds good! But how are we getting there?" Upton asked. "Do you have a liscence?" Genevieve asked before coming up with her final answer. "Sure I do, I just wish I had a car." he responded. "Don't worry about it, I have it covered." she said confidently. "See you at eight!" she said, then she hung up.
  3. ~"Why should I listen to you, Bronwen?" Beverley responded bravely. "Because If you go to that party, you won't comeback the same." she said. "What's that supposed to mean?" He asked. "I've told you alot about Upton, but I haven't told you everything." Bronwen stepped closer. "What else is there to know?" He asked yet another question. "Why don't you asked Upton himself?" she suggested. "But let me warn you..." she continued. "Ignorance is bliss."
  4. Beverley was going to do just that. He was going to settle this with Upton. Although he wasn't sure what would happen at the party, he was going to trust Bronwen, and see what Upton would tell him before finding out for himself. He got out his phone to send him a text. "We need to talk. Meet me in the lounge." text sent. "There, Upton's going to meet me, and I'll ask him when he gets here." He said to Bronwen, but she was gone.
  5. Just as Upton hung up with Genevieve his phone beeped. It was a text from Beverley: "We need to talk. Meet me In the loungue.". He headed to the lounge to see what he needed to talk about, but before he got there something caught his eye. Next to the Lounge door was an arrow drawn on a yellow sticky note. Curious Upton looked in the direction of the arrow to find another one pointing around the corner. Then another note on an old metal door that lead to some sort of supply closet. "In here." said the note, and Upton blindy entered the closet as directed. There was a damp smell and cobb webs lined the walls. "It must be a while since anyone's come in this place." Upton thought but then he saw a light, an old dusty lamp was turned on in the corner of the room, and then it all made sence. The door slamed loudly behinde him.
  6. "You again." Upton said outloud. Nobody answered. "What do want now?" a footstep echoed behind him. He turned around to find the same person who he had spoken to just days ago behind another part of the building. "Why can't you leave me alone?" Upton pleaded. "Why can't you do what I tell you to?!" the nasty voice spat. "Because Beverley is innocent."
  7. Then in an instant the person disappeared. And the door opened. "Upton! What are you doing in here? We have to go." Genevieve said. "Oh, right." Upton responded. "Come on the lake house is pretty far away, we have to leave soon if you want get there on time." Genevieve looked him up and down. "And you're not even dressed!" she added before grabbing his hand and leading him out of the derelict spider habitat the once-in-use supply closet had turned into.
  8. After Genevieve controlingly picked out Uptons outfit, she lead him to a parking lot to the side of the academy. "I managed to get a car for the night. I just didn't want to hich a ride with someone else..." Genevieve started, handing him a key. "More time to ourselves."
  9. I know I keep saying this but, this wasn't my favorite part ever. Only because it was too short, and I didn't get to the part I was planning to get to, and plus.....I'm late.
  10. BEFORE YOU SUBMIT!!! I put descriptions of the characters In the results. So... Who's description do you want to see?

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