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  • Upton's picture... so beautiful XD I can't believe how tangle-y everything's gotten when it's only the third part! I mean, Beverly is suspicious of Upton because Brownen is trying to get back at Upton, and a mysterious person is talking to Upton, trying to get him to do something he doesn't want to because it would mean that Beverly is guilty of something. Now Beverly is going to think something is up because Upton didn't show up due to that mysterious person (and how did Genevieve find him there, by the way? Not really a normal place to look?). Speaking of Genevieve, she's loco. And how is her roommate's party connected to Brownen, Upton, and Beverley? I'm just thinking out loud; I know you can't answer, and the story will go on, but I just want to know more - part 4!

    P.S. I do read the introduction paragraphs! Gosh XD they're there for a reason


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