Razorblade Romance -GxG- Part 1

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After murdering her family, Karma, a 16 year old muted schizophrenic girl, is sent to a mental hospital. But what happens when she meets a girl that's exactly like her?

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Created by: NekoTorix
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  1. "Karma! Wake up! It's time for breakfast!" My mother told me, shaking me softly. My soft gray/blue eyes opened, my room appearing in front of me. Baby blue walls, beige carpeted floors. A window sat above my small bed, sunlight pouring through. I slowly sat up, getting myself off of the bed and walking towards the door. Voices rang in my head, and I growled silently, hitting my head to make them stop. That didn't work.
  2. I then bit my arm intensely, making the engraved bite mark bleed. That calmed the voices. I then started to lick and drink the blood. It's soothing taste told me I'd be alright, that everything was okay. I looked at my arm, which had bite marks and scars scattered around it. I giggled at the voices, and made my way downstairs. My mother and father sat at the table, along with my 7 month old brother. My parents smiled at me, and I smiled back, sitting down. Bacon, eggs, and biscuits sat in front of me on a plate, and I started to eat with the fork that laid beside it. 'Kill them! Kill them! Kill them!' the voices chanted, and I nodded, shoving the last bits of my meal in my mouth.
  3. Suddenly the voices took over. I threw my knife, peircing my dad in the throat. Blood sputtered on the food and on the table, and my mother screamed. I grabbed a rag from my pocket and some chloroform from the cabinet, setting the rag and chloroform on my mother's nose and mouth. As soon as she was knocked out I grabbed my baby brother, and filled the bathroom upstairs up with water. As soon as it was filled up completely, I dropped him in there, causing him to drown. I laughed, grabbing my father and brother's bodies and throwing them in the cellar.
  4. Suddenly I woke up, sweating. I started gulping in air as I looked around the white room. I placed my hand on my chest, catching my breath and getting out of bed. I looked at the clock, which read 8:30 AM. I sighed, and started to get dressed, slipping on my shoes and walking out of my room into the cafeteria for patients. Grits laid in a bowl on a tray, and I grabbed one, getting 2 biscuits and 4 slices of bacon. I grabbed a spoon and some jelly packets, and made my way to a empty table. I told you I had no friends.
  5. I started to jelly my biscuits and afterwards took a bite out of one. The taste bursted into my mouth, and I soon swallowed it, taking a bite after another. Soon my biscuits were gone.
  6. I started to eat my grits, looking around the room. Even in a mental asylum there were cliques. The snobby whores sat at one table, the drug addicts sat at another, the copyright nerds sat together. And what was I? A loner freak. Of course I was the only mute girl there, and of course I was the only schizophrenic one. I was always an outcast. I didn't know why, maybe with my hair, but still. I never fitted in with anyone. I was just that type of girl.
  7. As soon as I finished my food, I got up and sat it in the trash, setting the tray on top of the bin. I turned around, going to enter the lobby...
  8. But then I saw her.
  9. CLIFFHANGER! Thank you so much for reading~!
  10. Make sure to stay tuned for part 2! Love chuu! -Tori.

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