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  • You're strange!

    Did you know you've SECRETLY been taking a personality quiz? And you are STRANGE! You picked the weirdest answers but they also are very funny! You make people laugh with your strange answers and humor! I know I was laughing!

    its true i am weird!!

  • I'm strange. hahaha :D yesss!!! so true. you're really weird. I have so many inside jokes and movie quotes and lines that I say and usually people think I'm so weird haha. yesterday I asked someone a question in a really dorky voice-- I won't tell you what I asked him because it could give away my secret identity, but it was an awkward question and I was acting like he was a little kid (he's in high school. so am I) he just looked at me really weird and shook his head like what the f---? gosh coolme3 you're such a weirdo. smiley face hahaha. I love that story. I hope you did too teehee bye [c:

  • looltwig friendly wasn't even an option, what are you saying? I got strange. True enough, I am always creeping people out. Like that time I rubbed ankles with that guy on the bus. That was the most awkward 20 minutes of my life.

  • Yeah random indeed. Was pointless but worth it. And oh yea Fey loved ur story really hilarious!!

  • Seriously, this does not seem like a personality quiz, ok?

    Ray Gao
  • I am the world funnies person ever and all other people is not they are just stupie lazy people

    pug girl
  • 93% Trustworthy! That just made my day!

    Say wha
  • Wow. Ur right, I AM mean. But I try to be nice. It's just hard when your friends are all selfish and are against you..

  • I am trustworthy.
    & what was the point of this quiz?

  • Amazing quiz lol... Bye the way I got FUNNY WITCH IS.....LOL I GIVE THIS quiZ 4000 STARS XD GOOD JOB.

    -kitty paw-

  • I'm not.really.sure what type f quiz I just took... ummmmmm... ok. I got friendly! :)

  • cooool, im funny for my strangeness

    i didnt actually think it was crzy, it was AWSOME

  • i'm trustworthy.. ((x Hahaa, lmao. (: Apples are my fruit Hope is my Name.. (: Randomness.. [??) .. (:

    Hope x3

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