random as quiz haha

ok so there are some smart people yes but most are dumb are you? do you stand out from the rest? are you a true genius? take this quiz to find out this is a proper quiz for proper people not robots or aliens or for your pet it is for you! you should take this quiz and I'm sure of it

dumpster man? or a shop keeper? McDonald's manager? nurse? fireman policeman? lawyer? doctor? surgeon? scientist? rocket scientist? or are you not smart enough for any of these find out in this quiz!

Created by: kt

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  1. what is the name of the star actor in she's the man
  2. a new animation recently came out in cinemas called wall-_ what goes where the underscore is?
  3. which of these is an australian surf brand?
  4. how many wood does a wood chopper chops if a woodchopper does chop wood
  5. what is the olympic colours for australia?
  6. which of these is also a common name for a dog?
  7. guess which one at randome haha good luck
  8. what 99+2-1?
  9. how old is a human life expectancy?
  10. random one again

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