R a k u e n ~ 3

Aloha, people! Here's R a k u e n 3! Sorry it took long. :X Janie returns, along of Cain, and a surprise from Adam! I hope you enjoy reading part 3! Make sure to comment and rate, 'cause I appreciate criticism and opinions. :D

I still don't see the point of a second paragraph. But, while I'm here, I wanna thank those who have followed up through R a k u e n 1 and 2, and have come all this way! I love you guys!

Created by: Yuki

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  1. So far, you are still having difficulty registering the fact that you are a fairy. You look across from you at Cain and smile slightly. "So, what are fairies like?" you inquire. Cain laughs. "They're nasty little pricks," he says, but after he sees the look on your face, adds, "excluding you." "Why do you think we're nasty?" you ask. Cain shudders slightly. "Fairies have bad tempers. And they like to bite. The fairies in the books that you read are totally fake." he says.
  2. "How so?" you question, your eyes slowly widening. "Fairies are highly allergic to iron," Cain explains, tapping the side of his head. "And there's this thing, that their bodies and minds won't allow them to lie. "Also, they can usually use glamour, which is something that cloaks their magical appearances from humans. Fairies are part of the forest, it's guardians."
  3. You sit there, taking in all this information. "Wow," you say in astonishment. "You know so much about fairies." Cain sighs and tilts his head towards the sky. "Yeah, I guess I do." "Something wrong?" you ask, suddenly alerted at how quickly his aura shifted. Cain looks at you, startled. "...How can you tell if my mood changes?" he asks, his eyes narrowing as he stares at you.
  4. "It's just...there's a radiant light around you. It darkened, so...not like it's important." you say quickly. Cain is stunned into silence. "Janie!" a voice shouts from the hospital entrance. You turn to see Adam waving at you. "Well, Ad--the Doctor wants to see me, so," you mumble, standing up and starting to walk towards Adam. Cain catches your hand in his grip. "Don't," he says, his eyes boring into yours. His hand is strangely cold.
  5. Without looking back, you yank your hand from his and walk toward Adam. You reach him within seconds. "What's up, doc?" you ask, smiling at him. There is a rigid set to his jaw. "Come with me, Janie." He grabs your wrist and pulls you into the hospital. You two walk quickly to your room, and Adam opens the door and pushes you in. "What did Cain tell you?" he demands, shutting the door behind him.
  6. You manage an innocent look, wide eyes and everything. "Nothing that would concern you." Adam's eyes narrow, but then they close as Adam sighs. "Fine," he mutters. "But you still need to leave." Suddenly, his eyes meet yours, and you can't move.
  7. "W-what?" you gasp out. Adam's eyes, instead of their normal hazel, were now a flaming green. "I'm sorry, Janie" he says, touching his two front fingers to your forehead, "but you have to go." Suddenly, a bright white flash of light envelopes you. You slip into unconsciousness.
  8. I'm thinking of cutting it off here.
  9. I don't mean forever, I mean, like, I'll finish part 3 for now.
  10. Thanks for everyone who read part 3! Was it okay?
  11. Comment and rate? ;3

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