Love in a beat! pt.2

This is part 2! I hoped you read the first part or else your going to be confused! I also hope you like the first part Please enjoy the story now! Comment MJ if your reading this in all caps!

I hope you enjoy this part! I made it have more romance. I'm going to keep adding romance until the last part. If your reading this then comment the word OWL in all caps.

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. Then Jerry said,"Yes we all our to not let the school band music." Then I saw a girl. She was looking at a pair of dyed black jeans. I told Jerry,"Hold on a minute." Then I walked to her.
  2. She said,"Hi,I'm Emily. Who are you?" I smiled and said,"My name is Raven." Then Crow said,"I'm leaving!" Then she left the mall. Emily said,"Nice meeting you. Are you going to school tomorrow?"
  3. I said,"Yes. Nice meeting you." Then went to Jerry. He said,"That is the most popular girl in school. She's super kind and rumor has it she is a christian." I smiled and then looked at the ground.
  4. He smiled and said,"I need something to tell you. But first,do you want to go to B.A.B with me?" I was confused. Then he said,"Build a bear workshop." I looked up and said,"Sure."
  5. He smiled and said,"Follow me." Soon The girl is mine by Michal Jackson came in my MP3. I followed him into the store. I looked up and Jerry blushed. He soon picked up a small stuffed owl. He said,"Do you like this?"
  6. I said,"Yes." Then he smiled. He took off my earbud. Then he said,"I like you. More than friends." Then he put it back in there. I smiled and we went to stuff the owl.
  7. He gave it to the worker there. I went to his ear. He took off his earbud. I wispered,"I really like you to." He put his earbud back in his ear and smiled. He said,"May we call this our first date?"
  8. I said,"We may." Soon he put his hand in mine. He said,"I'm going to pay." Then the worker sewed the owl up and gave it to us. He said,"This our kid." I giggled. Then we went to dress it up.
  9. After we dress it we bought it and left. We went to Hot Topic and looked around. He left my side with the owl. He went in front of me and said,"Do you like this?" I loved it! It was a little skeleton necklace.
  10. I said,"I love it." He went to the counter and purchased it. He grabbed my hand and we went to the nearest bench. He said."Sit down for a minute." I sat down and he let go of my hand.
  11. He opened the necklace and put it on me. I said,"How do I look?" He said,"Pretty." I love being called pretty! I smiled and held his hand. We went to eat at Casy's cookies. We each ordered one pickle. We sat down and ate. He finished and said,"You tired Mrs,Riggers?"
  12. I said,"Riggers?" He said,"That's my last name. I'll keep hold of our kid. Her name wil be Hope." I said,"Yes I'm tired. I like that name." Jerry smiled and went to my legs.
  13. I bended my knees over his arms and he picked me up. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. He walked me home. We reached at my house. He put me on my feet and took Hope with him.
  14. I said,"Bye." Then walked up to the house. I went in and Crow said,"Mom needs you for a minute." Mom was in the kitchen eating an orange. She said,"Who was that outside with you?" I smiled and said,"Jerry. I just met him today and we're going out."
  15. Cliff-hanger

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