Quiz Time Part Two!

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Thanks to high ratings and nice comments, as promised here is quiz time part two! It works the same as part one except there are a wider range of questions and it is HARDER!

So don't be frustrated by a bad score! Use it as a motivation. Look below results and you can check out more quizzes by me. I don't think I have anymore good things to say, so here we go!

Created by: Ash22
  1. Who said "Open sesame!" To enter a secret cave filled with treasure?
  2. Which drink is best for keeping teeth and bones strong?
  3. If you traced a map of Italy's coastline, what shape would you get?
  4. What is the record age for a giant tortoise?
  5. In space can anyone hear you scream?
  6. What did dinosaurs never eat?
  7. Who was a Native American war chief?
  8. How long does it take the earth to go around the sun?
  9. How should you deal with a charging rhino?
  10. Where would you be if you saw Masai women?
  11. In which sport can you win the Stanley Cup?
  12. Which brothers made the first hot-hot balloon, over 100 years before planes were invented?
  13. Which bird plucks monkeys out the trees to eat?
  14. What are a meerkats greatest enemies?
  15. What present does Santa give the boy In the movie "The Snowman"
  16. What present does Santa give the boy In the movie "The Snowman"
  17. Which ancient high site in the montains is known as the lost city of the incas?
  18. Where can you go swimming with dolphins?
  19. What destroyed London in 1666?
  20. What river did Huckleberry Finn sail down?

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