Quiz #1: The Basics

EQUESTRIAN-HARDCORE.COM 'The Basics': In this section we learned about basic equine knowledge. We cover such topics as terminology, colors, markings, breeds, gaits, and disiplines.

Now it's quiz time. If you read the pages and think you got this covered lets see what you got. Don't get cocky. High horses like to buck. And you my friend, just entered the rodeo.

Created by: bekind
  1. A hackamore is a ____________.
  2. Most "white" horses are actually grays with a fully white hair coat. A gray horse is distinguished from a white horse by _________________.
  3. Which of the following is not an equine color?
  4. A white marking that extends higher than the fetlock but not as high as the knee or hock.
  5. A 'correct lead' is the ___________.
  6. Which racing breed is not well known for its gallop?
  7. The dressage manouver 'Piaffe' is most associated with what gait?
  8. This breed of horse is always black.
  9. 'Dressage' is the French word for ________.
  10. If you are jumping over a rolltop you are most likely _________.

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