Promise to stay (part 3)

TAKE CHAPTER ONE AND TWO BEFORE THIS YOU CAN FIND IT ON MY PAGE!This is the second chapter in the series of Promise to stay! I hope you enjoy and leave any suggestion if you have any! Also I know people have asked for another boy and he is finally here! Stay cool and now to fill up space... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :3

When the world is under apocalypse and you and your new found "friends" are the surviving, how will you make it through? Adrian has got Short brown spiky hair and almost black eyes he also has cute dimples, atheletic, quite nice tanned, and is about 1,80cm long ( sorry I don't count in feet live in europe :P) Alexander has Jet black emo hair that covers one of his eye, a piercing in the lip and icy cold mesmerizing eyes, quiet, shy, loving and caring and he is quite smart. He is about 1.73 cm. Isak has Blonde hair has green eyes and freckles he is quite tall he is tanned, he is outgoing, funny and tries to make everyone happy and cheer others up when they are sad

Created by: Liveonaze

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  1. Alexander slowly backs away but he's not sad anymore. He has a big smile on his face. Your head felt much better and you could relax again. He has a special thing, something in his eyes. He tells you to go rest and even if your head dosen't hurt you obey him and start heading up for your room, he follows you just to make sure you are ok. I have to go out for a bit but take this cellphone it has my number in it if you need me, I'll be close.
  2. He leaves your room and you hear his slow steps down the stairs, you didn't want him to leave. You where afraid to be alone especially right now. But it was to late. he had already closed the door. You tried to fall alsleep and you finally did. After about an hour you hear scrambles from downstairs. You rise up terrified as you hear more scramble, stranger noises than you have ever thought before... Bone crackings? You run to the door and slowly open the door a crack and glance out you could seesomthing down the stairs but not good enough. So you went towards the stairs...
  3. You are to afraid to go the whole way so you stop just behind the corner. You are slowly about to take your head over the head but halfway you feel a hand covering your mouth. The hand drags you back, " do not make a sound." a voice whispered to you. It was a relief to find out that the voice was Alex. He turned you around and looked at you. You where about to say something but he puts his finger over your lips and gestures you to stay quiet. He orders you to follow him. You follow him down into a room you haven't seen before. It was at the opposet of the entrance. He opened the window and looks out for any possible undead. He gestures you again to follow him. You walk up to him and look out the window. It was cold and the wind blew through your hair you look down and see a ladder.
  4. You climb out the window and smoothly move down, the ladder cracks every time you step on it. Suddently the ladder breaks you fall down but manage to get a grip of another step. "___!" Alexander shouted. Shouted high enough to gain unwanted attention. A hoard of gruesome undead are comming from around the corner, their faces where bloody and many rotten with missing facial parts. You feel liket his is your time, Alex reaches his hand for you.
  5. You know you could not reach Alex's hand so the only option was to let go. You are just about to let go, as you hear gunshots. Not just one or two, MANY gunshots. ALex's eyes fastly turn to where the shooting sound comes from. You look behind your shoulder to see a familiar face.
  6. " Adrian!" you scream. "____! I have been looking for you everywhere!" you replied " Emm guys teh freaking undead are down there looking for us!" Alexander says with an annoyed look on his face. "Oh, sorry" Adrian yells, Adrian ran to under the ladder. "Jump!" he yells, " WHAT?!" you yell. " Yes! you know I would't want to become zombie food!". You look up at Alexander and he nods at you in approval. You slowly let out the grip and fall down. You are really close tot the groundbut in the last second he cathces you in his arms. Alexande climbs down on the side of the building. "I've missed you" he said as he let you out of his arms. " me too" Alexander look at you and sigh angrily but you don't care you only hug Adrian for a long time. " Where have you been?" you asked him, " Well I found a guy on my way-" Alexander cut him off "a guy? Do you know his name?" " Ummm, yeah his name is Isak." Alexander gasp and has a shocked expression on his face.
  7. "Isak was the one who survied exept me..." Alexander said "Well why don't we walk to our camp and see if he's there?" Adrian said with a mile on his face. Adrian was that kind of boy who was nice to EVERYONE. Adrian showed you and Alexander the way, you and Adrian talked all the way home, Alex frowned and you could see jeulosy in his eyes.
  8. When you get to the camp Alex tells you he's guarding, you look worried at him but then follow Adrian. You have developed feelings for Alex and do not want to loose him. But you and Adrian walk in to the cave, you see a fairly light fire burning in the middle of the cave. Next to the cave a boy in your age sits, he has blonde hair that reaches just under his chin and emerald eyes, he is quite tall and muscular and has a normal tan. "Hi I'm Isak" he says as he rises from his seat and walk over to you and smile wide. he has freckles that covers his chins. " Hi I'm _____." " Oh you are? Adrian has been talking crazy about you!" you look over at Adrian and blushes up and looks down. " He has, no wonder I'm goergeus aint I?" you say sarcasticlly. You both laugh and sit down by the fire. Wait here. He goes away and you and Adrian sit down. You look around and you could see they have found some okd furniture from different houses to make the place more comfortable.
  9. Adrian comes back with a package of hot dogs some bread and a couple cans of soda. "I think it's time to eat some" he says as he holds up the food. "Wait le me go get Alex!" you say " Alex?" Isak asks. Adriand explains about Alex while you go out and get him. "Hi Alex." " Hi hon, what is it" you run up to himand you both hug " It's time for dinner and it's getting late we should retire for the night." "alright" he says as he kisses you on the cheek, you blush and take his hand you both go in and you introduce Alex to Isak. "Isak this is Alex, he saved me when ADrian and I ran away." Adrian looks at you guilty and sad. " No I don't mean it like that" you say, "It dosen't matter". Adrian walked away deeper into the cave. " Don't you want food?" Isak shouts to him. " I'm not hungry!". "Where is he going?" you ask, "don't worry he's going to his bed" Isak said.
  10. You and the other two boys decide to call that a night and isak moves a bi boulder to the opening of the cave. Isak had some extra matresses. Y and Alexander sleep next to eachother (on two separate matresses) "you talk a bit and laugh and then you decide to sleep. You lit out the torch and fall asleep. In the middle of the night you wake up, you could not sleep thinking about Adrian. You decide to go to his part of the cave to speak to him.
  11. But that we have to save for better times! I have been sitting here figuring out the story and listening to my annoying friends on skype for a couple of hours and I REALLY need to study for a test tomorow so now it's time to stop! Rate and comment any suggestions for next time cya then!

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