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  • Spice Rack 2
    "Hello again spice"
  • The maltrax family
    "But miden can barely take care of herself! Egg: damn Yune, that's cold."
  • ""c'mon easty robots are soooo cool!" Griffin shouted with eggcitement and eggergy"
  • The maltrax family
    "Don't go brother! Mom and dad already left and egg and spice need help watching over us, who else could help?"
  • The maltrax family
    "Please stop guys, miden only said that because she was scared and she was trying to protect me, and yuna she just has a hard time coming to ..."
  • The maltrax family
    "I think I'm ok.... Egg: aww my poor baby *hugs Yune*"
  • ""that's great." Nori said. Screech ran up to nori and hugged him"
  • The young priestess
    "Yune was once again alone in the darkness she saw"
  • Hey spice
    ""I ain't going to the land of the dead." Victor said"
  • Love story!! (i think)
    "Hey)) Screech went to the confession tree to find wester already there kissing the girl. He decided then that he was leaving"
  • The maltrax family
    "Hahahaha *starts running around in all sorts of directions*"
  • The String
    "Yeah)) Screech woke up the next morning to nori shaking him awake"
  • Pirate Soap
    "Toka wondered if the freak that stole his sister also hid on a pirate ship. the damn monster. toka thought. He hated thinking about ..."
  • Romance RP (1x1 or 1x1x1)
    "Hina continued humming"
  • The egg 2.0

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