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  • Please take!
    "LOL Bananas do give me inspiration... BANANA MAKE-UP!"
  • Who hates Obama!!!!
    "I don't know *watches tumble weed go by* omg am I in a western movie? That means... where's the cowboys? *watches Popcorn Joe ride up on his..."
  • Poem
    "Awesome name! Mine's just Charlotte. Plain old Charlotte. "
  • "LOL I'm here and wanna hear! *shows up a week later* "
  • Music!!
    "LOL! I love Seattle! Used to live there... a long long time ago... ROCK ON SEATTLE! :)"
  • Where Do You Wanna Go?
    "LoL I've heard of it, that's cool! Rock on Annapolis! Now I wanna go to London. That would be sweet"
  • Where are you from?
    "LoL Awesome I am too! Well part anyway. GO FLIPINOS! XD"
  • "LoL awesome anime is ok, not my favorite thing. *sits in silent indifference* I take art and drama clubs! *high fives self* :D"
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "*high fives everybody* I'm in the middle of the pacific ocean! I don't have a coast! :0 btw Ana says hi. Too busy with math homework "
  • Bruno:
    "LoL yeah it's been kinda quiet around here. I gotta get a new youtube channel, forgot my password lol. How pathetic is that? KETCHUP ROCKS! ..."
  • Do u think it's weird
    "I think it's fine, it's only one year. Totally go for it! :)"
  • I need help!
    "lol that sucks I don't have many classes with my friends either. I guess... hang out during lunch and after school and stuff. Maybe you coul..."
  • "Then when I was drunk I made a video of me singing "Gives You Hell" by All American Rejects and posted it on youtube LOL!"
  • "LOL hey you guys! I've been gone for a while, *randomly high fives everybody* Nice to meet you alltimelowluver!"

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