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  • Would you rather?
    "Blueberry. Actually, I like both Chocolate milk or banana thickshake?"
  • How to get discovered...
    "You claim your songs aren't country, but when I hear them, they DO song pop/country-ish... :/"
  • How to get discovered...
    "You want my opinion, Katelyn? I think you're doing good BUT classical + acoustic guitars don't sound so great together... stick with the aco..."
  • "Another World."
  • revel your crush name
  • Merlin
    "There will be a spin off without Bradley James. I have never watched the show but this came in my News Feed on Facebook."
  • One Direction
    "Harry Styles is/was dating Taylor Swift. Zayn Malik is dating Perrie Edwards from the girl band Little Mix. Louis Tomlinson wa"
  • "I have Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and One Direction on my iPod. All three artists sing about love. It's something I can relate to, that's w..."
  • "And one more thing: this started by a disgusting message on 4chan: "Let's start a cut yourself for bieber campaign. Tweet a bunch of"
  • "Sorry I meant #cut4bieber. They have been posting pictures of their bleeding arms on Twitter. Horrendous."
  • "Yep. One fan wrote: "@justinbieber stop smoking weed or I might actually kill myself," It was a #cutforbieber trend on twitter and su"
  • "He's 18, turning 19 this year in March. Honestly I don't expect him to be innocent forever. After the weed allegations, he tweeted:"
  • That time...
    "W-Why s-s-so m-much s-stammering? Is it to give it dramatic or emotional effect? And I'm sorry. I would feel dreadful if I r"
  • "I don't like her. I sort of like her part in Beauty and a Beat... I don't like the way she dresses and how she acted towards Mariah Carey in..."
  • Robert Pattinson
    "I like Robert Pattinson. Great actor, nice personality. Twilight was a horrible movie and book though."

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