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  • I dyed my hair.
  • "Sweet girl, just smoke some weed and you'll feel better :)"
  • I dyed my hair.
    "Fuck this bullshit. -.-"
  • "Their should be a Fellings Forum called... DUN DUN DUN WE ARE SCREWED."
  • I dyed my hair.
    "Itsa a red and purplish shade... Link: (read ALL text before clicking link.) https :// [no urls] / wa"
  • GEEK!
    "I now know who I am going to try to hack....."
  • Me right now.
  • Come here.
    "Weaux I know you ;D Queen Okay, and spell correctly and get some grammar."
  • "Yes. I has a nipple gun!"
  • GEEK!
    "Dayum. How you guess the correct one? Like info, personality crap etc."
  • "BULLSHIT! *shoots nipple gun*"
  • Thread Title xP
    "NIALLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (its Matt)"
  • Thread Title xP
  • GEEK!
    "Send an E-Mail to me how to hack."
  • Come here.
    "Queen maybe, I shouldn't. And,I can tell by your stupidity you can't even take a simple joke."

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