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  • "I wouldn't really care. I don't know what's going on, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to do half of the... Things I had to do. I'm a b..."
  • anybody on?
    "Gracious... Aren't you Hindu? Geek... Don't do that. That will only get you less popularity. You hacked UnLoving's account, ("
  • The War for America
    "(+^+) ..(--) Alien mad face..."
  • A Regular Role-play.
  • ""
  • "Am I voted off? :3"
  • "MineCraft! Just had to do that."
  • guys
    "Just look it up. It's site should be... "2 girls 1 cup.wm" or some-thing."
  • Okay, Christians.
    "Right? Christianity has SO many holes in their... I would call it a theory, but it's just a religion w/out a theory, so... Yeah."
  • "(What year is it? I'd suggest like... 2027 or 2054.)"
  • Cavernclan
  • Cavernclan
    "Water sunk under the lake top, beginning to really feel the cold. She shivered and held her breath, counting moons while she was at it...."
  • Cavernclan
    "Water padded hastily through the cold lake, zipping through the water. She did a few of these exercises, then began dunking her-self under-w..."
  • Cavernclan
    "(Sweet.) Water walked back to the rouge camps, surpirised about all that happened. She remembered how she could only breathe "
  • Cavernclan
    "(So who controls 'Misty' and 'Crowfrost'? You control them both?)"

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