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  • "Heheha lol I love how at the end you just yelled at everyone hehehehea

    This comment just made my entire life a little better"

    In response to ilovepuppyz:

    "Alright, alright. So maybe I made a faulty quiz.…"

  • "I have to agree with this part "even if you think you love someone, you don't." This is so true cuz I've thought that before but I knew…"

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    "Love isn't measured by how many boyfriends you've…"

  • "I got 0 :(, Also if you're the one who made this quiz how do you know what others really think love is?, So now I have a question, do…"

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    "Haha! I still can't believe you all wasteed your…"

  • "I don't mean any harm when I say this but if you've been in so many relationships then don't you think that it wasn't really a lasting…"

    In response to batgirl:

    "i do know what love is i have been in 5…"

  • "I would not call myself a kid, but others might say I am I am only 11 yrs old, and I'd describe love as, "A pill you are addicted to…"