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  • "Sorry I couldn't fit it all in one post ): Part 2 of Day 2 • it is now evening and Drekk spots the hidden k"
  • "Umm I just want to say. At some point during the night I saw Brycens character deciding that streaking was a good idea. Thankfully blurred b..."
  • ""
  • The sims reality tv show
    "I only picked one outfit for the sims, so any other outfits u see them wearing are randomized by the game sorry... Day 1"
  • The sims reality tv show
    "Rise.... Oops lol"
  • The sims reality tv show
    "Drekk and Cinna both raise to the top as the audiences top picks for first impressions. A tie! Drekk and Cinna will both"
  • wormbrain.
    "I hate when it does that"
  • wormbrain.
    "Screaming Females - I'll Make You Sorry "
  • Mod Appreciation Thread!
    "Shh yall sure know how to make somebody grow an ego. All too kind adbch The other mods are pretty rad too 😎"
  • wormbrain.
    "Hot Freaks - Puppy Princess "
  • wormbrain.
    "Dazey and the Scouts - Wet "
  • The sims reality tv show
    "Alm: sorry, I hope you took no offence to that omg 😖 it's not anything rude towards u, I promise. I just used a randomizer lol ):"
  • The sims reality tv show
    "The audience must vote for their favourite contestant based on the introductions above. This will determine the player's popularity and the ..."
  • The sims reality tv show
    "I gave you all random ages, jobs and facts. Contestant Introductions: "
  • "Hii Codyy Wassup"

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