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  • "(i guess.. im not good..)"
  • "i felt safe in her arms and i teared and frowned."
  • "i curled up into a ball and stared at the floor."
  • Creepypasta RP
    "i opened the door and blushed i grined and smiled."
  • "i pointed to a shadow of nothing, i looked away hiding my sadness. " i g-go away n-now.." i frowned and sat in the living room looking at th..."
  • Creepypasta RP
    "i bit her neck softly and chuckled, " let`s go home.." i smiled."
  • "" it tryed to eat me!" i sobbed and hides behind my father. "the monsters! they tryed to eat me..""
  • "i hugged your leg tightly and started to cry. * sniffles*"
  • "i woke up crying and ran to the door, " g-go away!" i whined. "DADDY!" i cryed."
  • Creepypasta RP
    "i smiled and put on the ring, i kissed back. "okay hon.." i grined."
  • Creepypasta RP
    "i held out a ring, "w-well love will you stay with me forever" i blushed."
  • "[: 3]"
  • Creepypasta RP
    "[SHIP SHIP SHIP!XD} i smiled and kissed her cheek, " i will love & protect you with my life.." i smiled and whent on"
  • Creepypasta RP
    "{kk] i blushed inntensely, " m-my bad.." i chuckled. i brushed her hair back."
  • Creepypasta RP
    "i hugged her tightly, "i was worried.." i frowned. i blushed lightly, and frowned. ".....""

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