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  • "(hey hep, i gotta leave for a bit. thanks for rping with me)"
  • "*moments pass in complete silence* ......BELIEVE IT, SASUKE! Sasuke: I'd rather not. Boruto: Ge"
  • "Sasuke: *just shakes his head in disappointment* See Boruto! Boruto: I can't believe it..."
  • "*after half an hour the finale begins, many firework effects mix and become an image of a bowl of ramen throwing kunai at a tomato* "
  • "*fire works launch into the night sky, bangity bam, smack crash and other onamatopeias assault this text box*"
  • "Sasuke: Oh? Food on your mind, dobe? *laughs sheepishly* What's wrong with that? Boruto: Dad, who told you tha"
  • "Sarada: Hmph. Sasuke: Work at this more, but don't obsess, it's just a game. Sarada: Easy for you to say Dad, "
  • "Sarada: Huff.. I'll do this without sharingan. *end result is 98 kyuubi captured* Boruto: Ha! Who's the loser now?! "
  • "Boruto: Wow! You're good at this! Sarada: We'll see. *activates Sharingan* Sasuke: Sarada, no. Only use the Sh"
  • "Boruto: There's no way we can lose now flower lady! You wanna give it a try?"
  • "Boruto: I'll go first then. Watch this! *moves quickly, after thirty seconds have passed one hundred kyuubi have been caught* "
  • "Sarada: Geez loser. I'm surprised you didn't knock anyone down. *walks up behind Boruto, apparently having gotten off of Sasuke's back somet..."
  • "Boruto: Then follow me! We're gonna play Biiju Containment! *runs off to a random stall, in the stall is a set up with minature Kyuubi movin..."
  • "Hinata: *smiles* It's nice to meet you too. *bows* Boruto: Hey, flower lady. (flower lady means heph in boruto speak :P) Are "
  • "(holy s--- summoning jutsu) Boruto: Sarada, you want hit up the games? Sarada: Bring it loser. "

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