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  • Are you a vampire?
    [published: Jan 01, 2012, 4 comments]

    Many just shoo away the thought a vampire. Others, however, are intrigued by it. When they think of the……

  • Will you grow to be evil?
    [published: Jan 01, 2012]

    Many have wondered if they are evil, especially regarding some of the things they may have done in……

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  • Vampires
    "I'm not boasting. Just 'educating'. No one on here has to post."
  • Vampires
    "No. someone who read the stuff, found out about himself, and just feels like others should know about them."
  • Vampires
    "If you're talking about me, Im an unknown person :P."
  • Vampires
    "that was next :P"
  • Vampires
    "It's not pissing or offending me. I'm just saying to open up your mind to it. If you want me to put in skeptic terms, probably a .0000000000..."
  • Vampires
    "Open your mind to different s---. Something could happen that could completely boggle your mind :P."
  • Vampires
    "REMEMBER: - Do not harass or insult other people. Treat others how you'd like to be treated. View all 10 forum rules"
  • Vampires
    "And I think you should open up your mind to possibilities"
  • Vampires
    "Below are things to look for that are common traits for all real vampires, aka sanguinarius (term commonly used by fakes it originates from ..."
  • Vampires
    "You could be a vampire and not even realize it. Believe(or don't) me when I say I know how to recognize one."
  • Vampires
    "lol think what you will. Not my choice on what you think. I'm completely sane."
  • Vampires
    "Anyway, first of all, about the technology being all advanced and that crap, how many times in the world has technology faltered or broken d..."
  • Vampires
    "Im sure they're at least a few dozen people reading this and going WTF THIS GUY IS PSYCHO!"
  • Vampires
    "These are the exact responses I'd expect from people. Firstly, 1.We don't need blood, but we get a few perks from it. 2.We CAN"
  • Vampires
    "Is it? You don't know if they exist or not."

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