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  • New eggergy
    "No :)"
  • New eggergy
    "Hey guys sorry I left I kinda just didn't want to deal with ugh"
  • No Subject
    "Hello I'm new here"
  • The Rose Garden
    "No thanks, why would I be friends with someone who insulted me"
  • Dragon's Lair
    "Hello I'm new here"
  • Hello
    "No I'm not retarded"
  • Hello
    "Omg why do you all hate me so much, I've been nice to you two"
  • Hello
    "Sheesh your so rude, your the one who said "I hate ugh they're so annoying""
  • Hello
    "Hey she was the one talking bad about me in her thread first"
  • Hello
    "That user eggaly is one spiteful little b---- isn't she"
  • New eggergy
    "Oh I see how it is"
  • Imagine That
    "Ikr everyone on here is pretending like they have anxiety and depression it's so lame"
  • Hello
    "Everyone's venting too much it's so boring"
  • My vent thread
  • "June_roses"

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