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  • "I like the name, sounds like Bananarama."
  • nationalism
    "Ulster Unionist?"
  • "Okay, I accept that idea."
  • Iran
    "I have had Iranian food, I liked it. Met some Iranians over the years, some very striking women. The regime there causes some trouble"
  • "United States Canada Mexico Aruba (Netherlands) Belize Spain Portugal Morocco Greenland"
  • Do you like Donald Trump?
    "Not sure yet, he is better than Hillary or Obama. However, I want to se if he is going to be turned into a NeoCon like Bush was. I don't c..."
  • "Trump talks a lot of bull. Hillary Clinton started two wars with Obama's permission. A savage civil war in Syria where DAESH or ISIS is sl..."
  • Selling your soul
    "Go on the Black Pilgrimage and salute the Prince of the Air when you reach Chorazon. You can join the ranks of the Ruling Elite. Or y"
  • "I know several people who have been there and I have seen photos. Very nice place with great scenery. There is both desert and green semi ..."

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