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  • Unexplained Instances
    "In middle school I was home alone a lot, especially at night, but I stayed up really late. Around the same time every single night, whether ..."
  • The Chantry
    "I hate everything about"
  • The Chantry
    "I had a low fever yesterday morning but after it broke it didn't come back The highest it got was 102.4 on Friday It was a parti"
  • The Chantry
    "CEO of taking my clothes off in my sleep Went to sleep fully clothed, woke up completely naked once again"
  • The Chantry
    "It seems to be made for girl kpop stans, which I am not a girl or a kpop stan so that would make sense I like Red Velvet and I "
  • The Chantry
    "I keep reading Lost In Translation even though I don't really like it It's not the art style, though it bothers me sometimes that's li"
  • The Chantry
    "My kids are ridiculous little monsters"
  • The Chantry
    "I faked sick a lot as a kid If I was with older kids and noticed they faked sick all the time, I'd make an effort to find out why and "
  • The Chantry
    "That's unrelated to anything I just thought it was cute"
  • The Chantry
    "I got Starvucks for me and Lee and she started tearing up when i gave it to her"
  • The Chantry
    "I stg I'm not as mean as I appear to be What are words"
  • To my friendos
  • "Yooo!! I love those. What's your username? I'll add you on Roblox, maybe we can play RH together sometime"
  • The Chantry
    "She sought to speak to me yesterday. To pass a message through my grandmother. And I said I didn't want to hear it. Why give me false hope? ..."
  • The Chantry
    "There was a time when I cared enough to carry everyone's burdens on my back. I was younger then. More thoughtful, too."

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