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  • *sits in a field*
    "Raichu: *climbs up on Anri, swipes hat from her hands and runs* *giggles, rolling eyes* Raichu. My hat please? "
  • *sits in a field*
    "*looks up* Sky mostly. Raichu: *steals Leaf's hat, climbing down and running over to hide behind Anri's leg* ."
  • *sits in a field*
    "*nods* Raichu:*waves tail, cheeks sparking* Rai Rai!"
  • *sits in a field*
    "*blinks* Raichu:*sits on Leaf's shoulder* Chu?"
  • "I don't know. But I wouldn't advise you to challenge him. Not that anyone listens to me..-.-' Raichu: -w- Rai"
  • "Challenge you? >.> Um never. Raichu: Rai.-w- Steve is a murderer."
  • "Alright Mike. Whatever you say. Raichu: *climbs onto Leaf's head, looking around*"
  • "Raichu? Who said anything about Raichu? Steve Anri. If he has any blood, it's toxic and vile Zelda."
  • "Don't try Lelouch, Zelda. He'll kill you no matter what if you enter his game. And he never comes out of his game."
  • "*nods* He threatened to go after Red. I could distract him long enough for Red to find a new place to hide. Raichu: Rai. *loo"
  • "But if I don't, someone else might die. Raichu: *nuzzles Leaf's cheek sympathetically* Rai rai!"
  • I'm back
    "*blinks at Zelda* Hi Cyber."
  • I'm back
    "..Alright then."
  • I'm back
  • I'm back
    "Not much, and hi Nuna."

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