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    "Damn it feels like you’ve been here longer"
  • fun fact
  • Welcome to my garden
    "hi my ex got on here again and the reason why I know is bc his bar moved and bars only move if you log onto an account after leaving it alon..."
  • fun fact
    "this was supposed to be my username but I thought GTQ required school usernames so that's way my main is rvelez LOL"
  • Account tracker oops
  • My thread:3
  • My thread:3
    "It's been a while."
  • My thread:3
    "I want to ride a rollercoaster."
  • My thread:3
    "I think I need to hang out with friends irl. I think I need that. Yeah. I need to."
  • My thread:3
    "Toe hurts."
  • My thread:3
    "Password wasn't that bad of a password tbh xD i should've used that as a real password lol"
  • My thread:3
  • My thread:3
    "can i have a rp pls ive been royally bored"
  • "no. why would I want more accounts? i already have 100+. i dont need anymore to my list."
  • "what?"

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