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    "'Geeks' gone now. I must have stumped them."
  • Diamond Eyes
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    "That's because he (or she) always takes your side. Even when it's pointless."
  • What's up?
    "So you'll have to be more specific."
  • What's up?
    "Actually, everyone with Autisms different. That's why there's so many problems with research being done on the disability."
  • What's up?
    "Which one? I can name two users with Autism on this site. Magie Magic, and Puppet Master. Yes I have Autism. Technically I'm not a kid."
  • Charlie and Magie
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    "Geek is a bad example of what a true geek is. We obsess, wonder, argue, and dream about sci-fi and fantasy! Geek just says random things whe..."

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