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  • Kate kate kate
    "Kk) Theta didn't respond other then a slight tilt of his head and a quiet mechanical click as his vents opened."
  • Spooooce
    "Error nodded in agreement, but seemed uncertain if he should follow them or stay"
  • Spooooce
    "He shrugged a little "thats up to you" the broken angel said quietly"
  • Spooooce
    "Error still appeared confused but nodded"
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Kinda wana do a rp with this oc but I don't have a plot"
  • Spooooce
    ""No, why are you excited " he clarified"
  • The Skele House
    "*signs* i don't know."
  • Spooooce
    ""Why?" He asked in confusion, not understanding"
  • The String
    "Myriad made a quiet chittering noise in response to her movement, his tail twitching contently"
  • Spooooce
    "Error blinked at her in confusion"
  • GTQ memes
    "You haven't even replied to ours :("
  • The Skele House
    "*signs* i need to get Guardian a gift"
  • Spice Rack 2
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Am I Pretty?"
  • The Skele House
    "*signs*May Someone assist me with a task?"

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