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  • Ugh bye.
    "*Leaves GTQ* Not really even worth it."
  • state your age
    "19..... 20 Soon."
  • The Banning Game
    "I ban all of you because I want to."
  • "Hey, all I wanted to say is Good-Bye here."
  • "All I have to say is .........."
  • Deanna,
    "Ya, Deanna. What a friend I am. Screw you. Fuck you. I don't give a flying fuck anymore. I HOPE you wish me to die in the war...."
  • Deanna,
    "Just Good Damn Bye. See you next year or never again."
  • Deanna,
    "@Nuna Most of this is something going on in my life that I just want to get off my back -.-"
  • Deanna,
    "Fucking* Fuck*"
  • Deanna,
    "I didn't see this,"Can you stop" Never fuc[/]king saw it. So fuc[i]k that because its damn off wrong. And just damn sure. Just sure."
  • Deanna,
    "Oh sure the fuck you didn't. You wanted to have the damn contest so your gonna go fucking post that!? Thats jacked up."
  • Deanna,
    "Ya know, I'm about to cuss like fucking crazy. Your pissing me off and its not that fucking funny God damn."
  • Deanna,
    "Hacked. You agreed to it so don't post that -.-"
  • Deanna,
  • "100000"

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