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  • If the Ravens Could Speak
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  • hephy!! XD
    "(she iz gone zero is answering machine., leave message after beep)"
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    "(i dun either... he was feared as the Black Reaper long before he even had his powers... i suspect it's li though) Mao: *runs b"
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  • looking 4 frnds
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    "(i luv ubmore than hep does u r my frend leif)"
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    "Li: I've been doing fine with my studying! An I've learned so much here in Japan. *smiles* (hep u think li or hei is his real "
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    "*immediately goes back to looking down at the ground* Li: It has been a long time. How have you been?"
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    "Li: *glances up, immediately replacing his glare with a friendly smile* Hello. Mao: *still gone* *sees heph and ho"
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    "Mao: *runs by, almost invisible in the darkness*"
  • "........."
  • Superiority come here
  • Here we go.
  • "Hei: *leaves you in your thoughts, bridal carries Yin and jumps off of the rooftop, disappearing into the shadows* (Setting u"

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