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  • Honey's Official Thread
    "(lol I'm such a weeb I swear some ten year old pointed it out and I'm over here like 'no sh1t sherlock')"
  • Honey's Official Thread
    "(Simon please don't cry please don't stop oh my god I can't handle the emotions I'll brb so I can go curl up o"
  • Honey's Official Thread
    "(oh my god the saddest part of this episode is that the title is his dying words that just killed my feels completely I'm cryi"
  • "19"
  • Hi~
    "(Who are you?)"
  • ~Sade~
    "(Thank you. I appreciate your kindness. You've made my day a lot better; therefore I can't thank you enough. I'm going to go out and jump in..."
  • I injured myself.
    "(u dummy don't do that ever again >:U)"
  • ~Sade~
    "(No worries, I'm not offended. I don't take a lot of things to heart unless they are intentionally hurtful. It is a bit difficult for me to ..."
  • So empty...
    "(Feeling empty is better than being hollow.)"
  • ~Sade~
    "(Ah, I see. Some people have their pride too far up their ass. Like me.)"
  • "(12.)"
  • I injured myself.
    "(*kisses your leg* my magical honey powers should kick in soon)"
  • ~Sade~
    "(This is why i could care less about you "your trying to be a carbon copy of me" Uhm no, if i was trying to "copy" you"
  • I injured myself.
    "(lemme kiss ur booboos all better)"
  • So empty...
    "(I already did. But no worries, I'm better now.)"

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