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  • "Koala: yes, Sol is Connor, But I have to leave, so I'll see you 2 morrow, maybe."
  • Cemetery
    "I was talking to my family memebers who passed away when I said "To all those who I just named" I have to leave, AHL: "
  • All by myself...
    "... f--- you Connor. Just f--- you. Look, I just... Let's not talk about it, I'll bawl my eyes out if we do...That's sad, I ho"
  • Cemetery
    "AHL: you can visit anyone you want, but this is actually for those who legit died, like my papa Loui, Papa (g-pa on me daddy's side) my g-pa..."
  • "s: damnit Connor, You have too many accounts but I probably have more than you... lets see, There 1, 2 , 3 4 5... i ahve a lot"
  • "Solaire: if you think SHE'S scary, wait till you see me...."
  • All by myself...
    "It's not your fault My pap Loui passed away almost 2 years ago..."
  • All by myself...
    "*tries to smile but can't and just cries*"
  • All by myself...
    "Connor... *hugs and just cries*"
  • Batman's Cave
    "Hi, Jozy... Why'd they block It? Maybe you can still go on it if you put it on a "Incognito" tab, It worked for me... I just m"
  • "... No... I don't talk to those kinds of people... They scare me... The good times, when I was younger... when i was little, My papa Loui an..."
  • Cemetery
    "*walks in with a bouquet of flowers and a picture...* Papa Loui,If you're listening, or can hear me, I want you to know that I love y"
  • "Sad... Thinking of my g-pa, and all the good times we've had which will never happen agin... Oh the hugow I miss you..."
  • "Hellu, My little Koala bear, How are you?"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "ALEX!!!!!!!!! *HUGGLES YOU TIGHTLY* (it's lexi.)"

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