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  • Silently dreaming
  • Silently dreaming
  • Night
    "Yo-Yo Ma"
  • Silently dreaming
    "Skyla set the pen down "alright bye""
  • Silently dreaming
    "Skyla picked up a pen and fiddled around with it"yeah i think i have the cords down but i need to practice it with someone singing so i dont..."
  • Silently dreaming
    "Skyla smiled at the sound of Crimson's voice."hey Crim, are you gonna make it to practice today?""
  • Silently dreaming
    "Squeaky went back into hyper-sleep until the next dream. Skyla called Crimson then sat on the barstool awaiting his answer."
  • "oh.. okay you goldfish-memoried motherfu- TRUCKER mothertrucker FINE Mangy you ruin all the fun I "
  • Silently dreaming
    "Squeaky grabbed Crimson and said "WAKE UP" before throwing him into the water."
  • "I left 19 days ago No thank you NO!!"
  • Silently dreaming
    "Squeaky stood there and stared before a shadow reached her foot and delivered a quick sting to her toe"
  • "Hello everyone hello puny weaklings that's not nice Broken and I should care..why? *sighs*ignore h"
  • Silently dreaming
    "Squeaky turned around and saw shadows creeping over the water toward them"
  • Silently dreaming
    "Squeaky smiled and said "no problem""
  • Silently dreaming
    "Squeaky took a coconut of the ground and split it in half. Squeaky gave a half to Crimson"

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