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  • Heph's thread
    "I'll see you there."
  • hephhhhh
    "s---. Just how she wanted to spend her night. "Alright, Alright!" She yelled, though in truth she was apprehensive and not completely sure w..."
  • Efina?
    "I'm not gonna do anything. Jeez. Efina: *pouts* I'm not little."
  • hephhhhh
    "She glanced around, blinking. "You sure?" She asked, voice more hushed. To be honest she didn't feel anything, but it'd been a while "
  • Efina?
    "Fine. Who am I to stop a lady from worrying? Efina: I'm Efina but you can call me Efi! Who're you?"
  • hephhhhh
    "[I like it~]"
  • Efina?
    "It's all part of the job. *smirks* Don't worry about it. Efina: Hello lady~ *waves*"
  • back.
  • "Why would he of been?"
  • Efina?
    "If you're not I'll have to escort you off the premises. It's my job. *smiles* Girl with blonde hair, obviously Efina: Papa~ T"
  • Efina?
    "Are you registered to stay here at the resort, Miss? *suspicious stare*"
  • "Lucky. Ours was supposed to start Friday but because of snow days we have to go all week."
  • Efina?
    "Hm.. Are you sure?"
  • Words
    "Good luck."
  • Efina?
    "Ey, you haven't by any chance seen a little blonde girl, have you? Probably skipping along, dropping candy wrappers, singing?"

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