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  • How well do you know me!
    [published: Oct 05, 2015]

    Do you know me that well? I don't know. Take this quiz to find out.Do you know me that well? I don't……

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  • "Rosie tried some of the orange liquid that she had poured for herself. She immediately spewed it out and started coughing. "What WAS that st..."
  • "sorry had to clean the bathroom) Perkins tentively reached out and sniffed the bacon. Then he grabbed it and raced back into "
  • *haunts lounge*
    "ohhhhh. ok. ill try it. thx a million!!!!"
  • Paige.
    "sorry!! didn't know you made a thread for me :) I like the first one better."
  • *haunts lounge*
    "ghost misty how do you already have a propic?? I want one but there isn't a place for me to get one because I'm still a newbie. HELP!"
  • "Rosie tried to lure Rosie out with a piece of bacon. "Come on... Skotadi won't kill you..." she muttered encouragingly. Perkins FINALLY came..."
  • "Well practice was only 2, but I helped with the little kids swim lessons for 2 more, and I was in the water, so technically it was 4. Omg st..."
  • "I would say heart, but in an effort to use a higher level of vocabulary and understanding, I must say trying. As in trying to pull it togeth..."
  • "T-Rex. Duuuuuh. No, ummm... Alligator.."
  • "It's ok. I was just swimming for 4 hours. Lol.)"
  • "onions' n' rice ^^"
  • "yeah I guess that's true but WHAT FOOD AM I????"
  • What would you do if-
    "I would bet millions of dollars that I would kick their butts at swimming, then proceed to do so. pay them the money to take the sanctions o..."
  • quick
  • Guys, this is urgent!

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