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  • Heph's thread
    "No thanks."
  • I'm stuck on a ship
    "Eoleo!! Hush!"
  • "Sveta Golden Sun Dark Dawn"
  • It's your fault anyway
    "Not good. I probably won't stay on. No one to talk to, no roleplay accounts on, this is bulls---. -__-"
  • It's your fault anyway
    "Amiti:*is picked up, yelps* I can walk myself! I was just resting.. *snickers* Matthew: Well, thanks "
  • It's your fault anyway
    "Amiti:*groans, looks at everyone* Oh..hey, there you guys are. Well we weren't in a cave. Amiti:Hehe..I knew t"
  • It's your fault anyway
    "*stops in large cavern where Amiti's passed out against the back wall* Matthew: *draws sword, looking around* "
  • It's your fault anyway
    "*runs off again, following scent* Matthew:*races after Sveta, Tyrell at his side because they're not wasting time*"
  • It's your fault anyway
    "*stops short, seeing Amiti's sword* Well..he was here. Matthew:*picks up the sword, examining it* Tyrell: Tha"
  • It's your fault anyway
    "Matthew and Tyrell:*following Sveta* *continues down tunnels, almost at random, but she knows what she's doing* Hm.."
  • It's your fault anyway
    "His scent is here. *looking down at ground* Matthew: I don't know. He wanted to go exploring? *shrugs* Tyrell"
  • It's your fault anyway
    "If we find Amiti, we'll get across no problem. *looks at Matthew waiting for an okay to enter* Matthew:*just walks in* It's s"
  • "Bye."
  • It's your fault anyway
    "*all reach cave because yeah* Yeah, we're across. Tyrell: Thanks. Matthew:*nods*"
  • It's your fault anyway
    "It's alright, thanks. And no, we don't swim, Dark.. Tyrell:*already heading for the cave* Matthew:*following T"

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