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  • "Shake hand."
  • "With that logic, you'd also be treating people like possesions."
  • Warning
    "Hmmm. The mother?"
  • "*facepalm* Every single thing you post is late. You're a slow typer, reader, and you always feel like you need to add something else. Blame ..."
  • "My ignorance? I'm narrow minded? You don't understand how this site works, why don't you ask your sister who's actually respectable and know..."
  • "*sighs* The name is Sven. Sven Vollfied. I'm a gentleman, bounty hunter, and guardian of a little girl name Eve. That's exactly who I am and..."
  • "I'm 30 years old, thank you very much. Also, on this site it's how long you've actively used the forums, the date doesn't matter. You could'..."
  • "Lemme answer your question with one of my own. Why do you insist on acting all superior? Damn, you're like Train. Only with poor spelling..."
  • "You need to learn respect for your elders, kid. Also, as a gentleman and a bounty hunter, I am attracted to violence. Although the reasons w..."
  • "The name's Sven. *tips hat* Hello, Miss."
  • "Violence? Damn, I missed it."
  • "*tips hat* I thank you for the food. *takes a plate under another table*"
  • "Train would love this. Heh, too bad. *Takes drumstick* I haven't eaten all day! T_T"
  • "Did you say that food is free? xO"
  • Hey, let go.
    "*throws away cigarette butt* Hmph, not much for thanks in these parts I suppose. Ah, I wish you well, ladies. *tips hat*"

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