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  • Synchronized Symphony
    "Whatever is fine. I'll just take the one thats left"
  • Synchronized Symphony
    "Note: I'm not really good with all this information giving but I can roleplay, I honestly need to practice cuz I haven't done it in a month ..."
  • Synchronized Symphony
    "Name: Chris June / Gender: Female Age: 15 Theme Color: Orange Synchronizer: S4 Exclaria Main Weapon: Dou"
  • Synchronized Symphony
    "Name: [picture] Gender: (strongly suggest female) Age: (8-22) Theme Color: Synchronizer: (S1 - S6) Main "
  • Synchronized Symphony
    "C1 is a girl who enjoys passing her time listening to music. She has a strange birthmark on her right shoulder blade in the vague shape of a..."
  • Synchronized Symphony
    "A long, long time ago, five warriors were called forth to protect the world with the power of music. They were given the four synchronizers ..."

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