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  • Stuck in the garage ):
    "*shadoports out with June to the Stage* Theeeeere we go"
  • butt baby
    "Hello I am the son of Spice and Cinna :D"
  • The Rose Garden
    "Which came first, me or earth? We know fire came before light because it is a source of light And when did wind, w"
  • The Rose Garden
    "Nikki, you're not an element. We are talking about... my backstory. Which, I'm sorry, but you don't have a part in it"
  • The Rose Garden
    "The light of day creates the shadows beyond the trees. Light was there before I was, was it not...? I wasn't your first immorta"
  • The Rose Garden
    "No. No no no no no. As soon as you die I'm killing the others and killing myself and you won't be able to stop it."
  • The Rose Garden
    "Oh, you won't forget anything. Just me. And the other elements."
  • The Rose Garden
    "Wait. If I killed off all the elements including myself, to bring you back, as soon as you came back we would be as we were Before, correct?..."
  • The Rose Garden
    "Listen. Or as close to. I could kill off two of the other elements. Light can reform just as easy as I can so that one works. But what other..."
  • The Rose Garden
    "Cats: But... for as someone as powerful as you, it would have to be a soul for a soul. I would have to kill another of or close to your equa..."
  • The Rose Garden
    "Cats: I can revive people tho remember"
  • The Rose Garden
    "Cats: If I can reform why can't you? When my body dies the shadows are still there, and they are me, and I can easily construct a new embodi..."
  • The Rose Garden
    "Cats: ...What?"
  • "Cats: FIRST LESSON SR, f--- means sex which means f--- :) b---- means female dog which means b---- s--- means poop w"
  • The Rose Garden
    "Cats: You are a mother though, to wind, earth, fire, water, light, shadow, space, electricity... *looks a little sad at the memory of..."

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