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  • This is kinda sad.
    "Oh look, I still remember this one too. ._. Pissed a bunch of peeps off. xP"
  • Morons. e.e
    "Heph- "And I'm being ignored! -.-" Yet again, not everything is directed to you. Or anyone here at this second. "
  • Morons. e.e
    "Heph- You seem to care a whole lot after no one else cares. Also you know, I have a reason to. e.e"
  • Morons. e.e
    "Heph- But you still complain later anyways. Jill- What the hell difference does it make? It doesn't change my opinion of you "
  • Morons. e.e
    "Jill- You think I care? Fuck you. I've heard much worse from you before. -.- Heph- Now who's jumping to conclusions? "
  • Morons. e.e
    "My posts don't all refer to you. -.-"
  • Morons. e.e
    "Really. You wonder why I know about you and yet think I'm stupid. Think about that. e.e I don't need to explain myself to a bunch of cliquey..."
  • "Honestly people, just think. e.e You may let everything you do wrong leave your mind, but not everyone is as forgetful."
  • ""This is life." Thinking she knows everything. Where do you not follow?"
  • Hello......
  • "Heph- Stating things make you feel that all your rights are gone and that all your feelings are shattered. Hmm, if I remember"
  • "e.e Because you're just the center of the universe."
  • Hello......
    "Ally? Ember?"
  • "Heph- If you can't take being disagreed with then maybe you're the one who shouldn't be involved. I'm being honest. Learn the"
  • Hello......
    "You're not. Type who your friends are/were. I'm sure some are still here."

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