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  • Loo Loo Land
    "Oh .... why?"
  • "Hmm, I wonder what I should do today."
  • Loo Loo Land
    "*that's enough to snap him out of it* Mammon? What's going on?"
  • Loo Loo Land
    "* he just stares out onto the ocean, having gone catatonic*"
  • "[ character name: Azazel Species: Fallen angel ( demon) Title: Avatar of despair Eigth Lord Fandom: Obey me:"
  • Loo Loo Land
    "* The avatar of despair doesn't movem completely stricken by his brother upsetting him with his accusation*"
  • Loo Loo Land
    "I...I thought we were just playing *the second the Dock begin to sink, azazel just starts crying*"
  • Loo Loo Land
    "*flinches* If you're going to be mean to me...I dont want to play with you anymore"
  • Loo Loo Land
    "Oh? Do you want to stop? It's okay if you do *smiles genuinley*"
  • Loo Loo Land
    "* leviathan would be hit by thousands of his worst regrets, anxious thoughts and negative feelings the second he makes contact with azazel, ..."
  • Loo Loo Land
    "*he sidesteps the others tackle* ...please don't trip. *lunges at him with a rapier, that he apparently had up his sleeve*"
  • Loo Loo Land
    "Okay. *leviathan would then begin to feel slow, creeping feeling of dread. And then the dread would begin to grow into full, utterly "
  • Loo Loo Land
  • Loo Loo Land
    "I...I was here first!"
  • Loo Loo Land

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