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  • Satan Fanclub
    "Satan: yeah...yeah I’m sorry. I’m just trying not to act like Lucifer. Stop obsessing over that, Levi was just trying to rile y"
  • add your name
    "[I was unable to manage to add my name without messing up the image, but I’d be screaming McDonalds. I’m Marrow]"
  • The city of conspiracy
    "Hestia hummed softly as she moved, sensing the magic all around her to attempt to locate the girls."
  • Heart of a monster
    "Laurence put his hands up, “ we’re not here to hurt you, my forest is dangerous, even to me. It becomes far more dangerous at night. Let us "
  • House of Lamentation
    "Belphegor: Beel! Beel. Please. You need to calm down. Belphegor: * he moves to block the door* Belphegor: if you really want t"
  • Heart of a monster
    "Laurence carefully used his magic to cause the trees to block them into the field. He knew how dangerous the forest could be, especially at ..."
  • Satan Fanclub
    "Oh I’m fine, hearing Satan try to flirt is just really funny. Satan: * getting flustered* Azazel I swear to f----"
  • Satan Fanclub
    "Satan is exceptionally hot. He’s kind and I also love his voice when he reads to me. He’s so sweet and affectionate"
  • Satan Fanclub
    "Satan is absolutely perfect in every way and I adore him"
  • "But why though?"
  • "I tried to stop him I’m so sorry"
  • House of Lamentation
    "* he weakly hugs back* .....if....Satan...and I....could probably figure it out.... ....if he gets home soon..."
  • House of Lamentation
    "* he doesn’t really make much of a reaction beyond a weak nod* ....thank you Ellis..... what that li"
  • Heph's thread
    "I want ,,,pancake"

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