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  • Silridge
  • Silridge
    "I'm adopting you as my replacement dad"
  • Silridge
    "Uhhh but the Vale we know is super evil. Like the most evil."
  • Silridge
    "Since when"
  • Silridge
    "Because you're the evil primordial God of void???"
  • Silridge
    "Wtf why are you not evil"
  • Silridge
    "A what and a who"
  • Ravager
    "(( no worries I don't actually remember what I wanted to say anymore))"
  • Silridge
    "Wtf is vervaine"
  • Silridge
    "Oh my god is that Vale what the f---"
  • "Anyway. I'd like to move on from this mess, so if you are not willing to reveal who you are and dicuss this with me, then I'm not open to he..."
  • Silridge
  • "Also, referring to my friendships as an in group is unfair, and rude."
  • Silridge
  • "A mod sharing their account with me so I can mark posts when they're offline due to their personal reasons is not special treatment. "

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