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  • Blood moon
    "Oh and i think 10/27/15. Just in time for halloween."
  • "123abc"
  • Blood moon
    "Lol never saw it, but i google was making a big dealio about it. I went on there, the doodle was the blood moon drinking water. REPENT YOU P..."
  • "Ive been homeschooled my entire life. I loved it when i was little, i loved being with my mom and learning. She was a great teacher. Theb we..."
  • me wiff out my glasses
    "Whats wrong? You dont look ugly!"
  • Do you believe in God?
    "Yup i belive! Although i do in very interesting ways........... Youve heard of Jesus right? And youve heard of judiasim right"
    "Its yom kippur, and we are supposed to fast right? Right. Its only 10:00 and i am FREAKING OUT! Im not hungry now, but what about lunch? Wil..."
  • "Hai pplz! So ive been homeschooled my entire life. Ive never even step foot in a public school. I grew up with my mom teaching me "Friends a..."
  • "@alex3000 i tried that, but mom was all "you dont need friends! You have us!" And then she tried taking me to events at plcs like the librar..."
  • "So ive been homeschooled my entire life. It seems pretty cool, and i loved it when i was in elementary school. Now im in 8th grade, and its..."
  • Am i spoiled?
    "@meep da first i have a job you know. I work as a shabbat school (jewish sunday school) assitant teacher abd nursery worker for little kids...."
  • Am i spoiled?
    "did i mention im only 12?"
  • Am i spoiled?
    "Ok, so everybodg says im spoiled (including my mom!) I need to prove them wrong. Ill tell you a few things, and you decide. I have:"
  • Best thing ever:
    "CHILD i mean ANIMAL ABUSE but it would be funny lol"

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